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LoadComplete - Multi scenario's load testing at the same time


LoadComplete - Multi scenario's load testing at the same time

Dear Team, could someone please guide me or provide me some reference where should i get some idea about how to perform a multi scenario load testing at the same time using load complete tool, 


Scenario detail : Perform a load testing for 4 Vusers and each user will perform a different task something like below mentioned example: 1st Vuser should attempt to login with correct credential 2nd Vuser should attempt to login with invalid credential 3rd Vuser should click on Forgot password link 4th Vuser should click on Forgot UserName link i want to

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If it's already not too late...

Implementation is quite straightforward:

-- First, you should create four tests: LoginWithCorrectCredential, LoginWithInvalidCredential, ForgotPassword and ForgotUserName;

-- Parameterize recorded tests if needed;

-- Then you should create a new scenario (or reuse already existing one), add four VU groups to it and assign respective test to each group along with the required number of VUs.

-- Run scenario. LoadComplete will run every VU group in parallel, so the tested server will receive different requests concurrently.


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