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Include station data in Test Report

Include station data in Test Report

I run the test on 4 connected stations. (using 4 instances of LC's Remote Agent). 

In the report I can't make any distinction on response speed/transfer speed/ TTFB/TTLB on specific machine. I am not reffering to server metrics like CPU, but more on connection info, and graphs which can make distinctions between the tested machines (Remote Agents).


For example I want to see difference between average Page Load time for machine 1 compared to machine 2. 

Another example: I want to compare values of average TTFB of machine 1 and average TTFB on machine 3,





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Supplement to this:


Also include used station name, including IP address (if physical machine is used), or AmazonImage name if Amazon Cloud service is used, this can be populated out of the Workstation field in Test Editor:


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Additional Note: Also include station data in the Load Test Reports (PDF,HTML)

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