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Implement re-use of same subscenario with parametrized variables

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Implement re-use of same subscenario with parametrized variables

Use case:

I have created multiple functional flows for navigating through the application. I have split these up in sub scenario's like Login, order item, logout etc.


Now I want to be able to re-use these sub-scenario's in other scenario's. This is possible in LoadComplete but you cannot parametrize these subscenarios. So you have to re-use the variables in them, but I need to be able to execute Login with different values for the variables in different scenario's.



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It looks like you feature request is a duplicate of an older one:


May I ask you to review and confirm?

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@AlexeyKryuchkov : I have reviewed it, it's not a duplicate. It differs because this feature request is about being able to call same scenario (same as in logical (functional) identical but with different set of variables. Calling the scenario with parameters would be good way to implement it.


The case you are referring to is about updating outdated scenario's (because of application logic changes) while maintaining the Data Selectors and - Validators as much as possible (so you don't have to re-create them), just like @AlexKaras mentions.



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