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Matching Tags while adding new Tagging

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Matching Tags while adding new Tagging



Found a new feature 'Add Tag'  against the posts, this is a welcome.


I find it would also be good to show some context sense i.e., it would be nice to show matches while typing (while adding tag) from existing tags as this would help to have consistent tags across the community to find related exact tags (normally while adding tag, user can type anything that, different tags for the same topic by different people as notation is not uniform, but may cause to find topics of right ones)




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Also is there a way to query by tag name?

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Thanks for your suggestion, Rao. The functionality you desire persists in the community. However, it's not activated yet. We are working on it.

Tags are mostly user-created things. You can put there everything you want. It's difficult to create the predefined list of possible tags 🙂

As for query by tag name, you can click the tag and the page like below will be opened:

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Status changed to: Implemented

The community provides pre-defined labels to categorize the topics. Users can create any tags to her post.

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