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Dark Theme for SoapUI in ReadyAPI

Dark Theme for SoapUI in ReadyAPI

Hi. I have some eye issues and normally work with a dark background / high contrast in all apps. I use SoapUI daily and find it difficult to read with the default white background. I did a search on the forum and there was a previous request about a year ago in the SoapUI Pro area for this feature. The only response was that it was not supported. I would like to also request this feature. Thanks!

Status changed to: Selected for Development

In the works! More work than expected but we are on it!



"(...)It is already in the Groovy editor screen(..)" is it only in pro version? I can not find this feature in my non-pro SoapUI.

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Yes, please. Every other app I use has a dark mode. Chrome, Teams, Outlook, Sublime, cmd lines, terminals. This is the only glaring white app I use and that's only cause I have to. 

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Man.... what a tease.  Updated to 3.9.1 and the splash screen is in dark mode but.... no.... My poor eyes. Only things still killing me are ReadyAPI and our outdated version of Outlook our IT guys refuse to push to the latest version (which is why I use windows store email and calendar apps as for most things).


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@devicenull  LOL... just did read the first words of your post and I was thinking "yes! let's update to 3.9.1"..


...should have read the whole post 😄

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@Raydir Sorry about that. I didn't mean to give you false hope but I want you to know that 3.9.2 ...


Still doesn't have dark mode it appears.

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