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gherkin-parser version on PyPI

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gherkin-parser version on PyPI

Hi all,

I am one of the maintainers of pytest-bdd, and I am considering using the gherkin-python library as the parser for gherkin files in our project.
It seems to me that the library is published on PyPI under the gherkin-official name, is that correct?
If that's the case, it seems that the releases on PyPI are lacking behind the ones on github (on github the latest release is v13.0.0, while on PyPI is still 4.1.3).
Is it something you may fix?
Thank you

Hi Alessio,


The SmartBear Cucumber team prioritises maintenance of Java, TypeScript, Go and Ruby libraries. For other libraries we rely on community contributions.


The Gherkin grammar underwent some changes in v6 - adding a new Rule keyword. There are no grammar changes between v6 and v13, just API changes.


Since no community members have contributed to Gherkin-Python for a while we have disabled releases. When/if someone from the community provides a patch that will make the build for Gherkin-Python build again (and pass all the shared tests), then we will start making new releases.




I'm the creator and lead developer of Cucumber Open.

I can try to help with that. Maybe can you enable issue tracking on that project? So that we can have there discussions for the next steps.

That would be amazing @youtux!


Gherkin is developed in and GitHub issues are enabled. If you create an issue we can discuss there. If you hop onto Slack and join #committers-python we can discuss there too.


You should be able to cd into gherkin/python and run make. That will fail if you do this on master, and hopefully give you a pointer about where to start. If not, just ask!




I'm the creator and lead developer of Cucumber Open.
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