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Automated Testing - POST to /session with capability parameters timed out

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Automated Testing - POST to /session with capability parameters timed out



I am using Selenium with PHP to run automated tests.

Most of the time it works as expected, but after running a few automated tests something seems to break in the API..

The code creates the VM properly, but when trying to open the browser with the desired capabilities provided (by calling the POST method to "/session") nothing happens, therefore it times out in my code.


The test results just state that "No commands were recorded for this test.". See the image attached below.



When I set the curl timeout to be infinite, after some time I get this message from the server:


'Error - Socket timed out after 6 minutes'



I had this kind of error once before, and after waiting a few days it resolved itself. I figured it could maybe relate to the amount of automated minutes available, but that should not be an issue since there are still more than 1800 minutes left.


Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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After waiting around 1.5 hours, the endpoint again works as expected. 


Any fix to keep this from happening?

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