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The Return of the Ogre

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The Return of the Ogre

Hey, everyone.


So, it's been a hot minute since I've been around these forums.  I think about 2-3 years, in fact.  This was due primarily to a shift in focus for me from Test Automation to Process Automation.  


BUT...I'm back to doing both, actually, so here I am making my return.  What has happened in those 2-3 years?

Well... COVID... that was a thing.  And it did impact my family beyond just the lockdowns.  I lost my younger brother to the illness in 2021.
Kids - Both graduated, one from college, one from high school.  The college student is now looking for work as an animator/story-board artist/character designer, etc in the film industry while working at a local retail store. The other one is also working local retail while they figure out their next steps.

As for me, just doing my thing, living life with my wife and household, enjoying what I have.

Anyways, I'll be around a lot more again and I hope to interact with more of you soon.

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Welcome back @tristaanogre ! Thanks for the update! So sorry to hear about your brother 😞 That's great about your kids 🙂 See you around the Community!

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