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Microservice and rest concept model?

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Microservice and rest concept model?



I'm quite new to REST services and would like some kind of concept model that includes Microservice, REST, endpoint etc so that I can make sure that I and the rest of our team speaks the right language and that our documentation will be correct. I have Googled, but not found anything. Do you have a spare one?



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There are many great articles on our web site. Here are several of them:

What is Microservices?

REST API Testing For Beginners

Resources: API Testing


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Thanks, but I can’t find any models in those articles that show how concepts like microservice, endpoint and resource relate to each other.

Hi @Helo; are you looking for a visual model/diagram of how these things relate to each other? 

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Yes, exactly! 🙂

OK; I've attached a high-level visual that I sometimes use to explain the relationship between a RESTful API, a microservice, the service resources and the consuming applications.


Let me know if this is a fit, or if there is more specific information you're looking for. 

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Well, I think Google didnt translate correct. It is concept map I need

Ah, I see.


I found a pretty comprehensive microservices mind map on DZone:


Let me know if this is what you need.

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