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Wintertainment 2021 – Tell Us Your Journey



Welcome to Wintertainment 2021.


2021 is practically over, and we think this is a great opportunity to share what we’ve done this year.



Post Your SmartBear Journey

Share what projects you implemented this year with the SmartBear tools, and which product features you found the most interesting. We’d love to know how SmartBear products helped you in different situations (may be even non-related with the work).


There’s no limit to how many posts you make, or what you post about. Consider this activity as way to share your thoughts on 2021 with your community peers. Also, don’t forget to comment and give kudos to others. Remember this activity is oriented for the entire event – Dec 6-12. And only the most active participants will be rewarded 🎁.


Looking forward to reading about your SmartBear Journey!


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SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
Community Hero

Got the opportunity to create couple of projects based on the community questions and shared them on github


Please take a moment to checkout the same and see if any of them are applicable/useful for you.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Great projects @nmrao ! Thank you for sharing!


We are using TestComplete to automate some of our integrated testing steps.  So far, we have been able to reduce the amount of time it takes by more than 33%.

We are working on converting all our manual testing steps now.


I have been working with TestComplete from June 2020 and its been around 1.6 years and still counting. Testcomplete provided us more coverage than any other tool, in some cases it provided us with the option to integrate with other tools as per our comfort. We mainly used this for automating the desktop applications and sometimes we also use this to automate few complex web based applications. It has made  the maintenance of testscripts easy. We may migrate all our desktop application related automation in the future. Hakuna Matata we have TestComplete.😜

Community Hero

This year I used TestComplete as a training tool for my student interns!  They took existing manual tests and scripted them in TestComplete, and I helped them refine the tests with some tricks I have learned over the years.  


I have been working with TestComplete/TestExecute since 2019. 
We have been automating our tests for a desktop application written by a third party. They introduced us to TestComplete and I have not encountered a better testing tool yet that fits our requirements.
The only problems we encountered with TestComplete is a good way to compare images (right now the smallest changes are fatal for our test, I've tried everything by now I guess 😅) and a good way for performance testing.

We are writing our tests using BDD so I was really happy when the support for this got bigger over time. Every question I asked got answered pretty quickly and even when I had some ideas they were welcomed by the community and I hope they will be used in the tool shortly 🤗


This broad community of 'co-workers' has helped me a lot and I would really thank all of you for that!💐

Community Hero

Started working with Zephyr Scale back in 2017, when it was still TM4J at Adaptavist. This year, we are still going strong, with hundreds of projects across our company and tens of thousands of test cases (and many more executions). We have a tight integration to our homemade test automation framework using the REST API, which allows us to have a seamless process in our testing efforts from Jira to ZS using our automation to do the dirty work. 😛


Check out our case study:

Also check out our session with SmartBear at the SmartBear Connect:

Community Leader

I touched TestComplete and TestExcute in 2017.

They helped us raise our testing coverage for desktop and web.

It's a pity that I was dispatched to a new project at the beginning of this year.

Even though I still focus on it. I'm excited that TestComplete15 coming out this year.

I hope our community to get better and better. I'll come back often.😘

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

In my work, I write a lot of automated tests in TestComplete. I decided to try to use the tool for my personal needs 🙂

Inside the team, we play Secret Santa each year (this is a fun game where each member of the group is randomly assigned a person to whom they give a holiday gift). So, in TestComplete, I created a list of people who are playing and wrote a piece of code in JavaScript that randomly 'assigns' a person to another participant and sends them a notification email with the description 🙂 Voilà!
The game is on now, and I'm preparing a gift to somebody whose name I cannot say out loud 😉


Please share if you did some not work-related stuff using the SmartBear tools!


I've been working with Ready API for quite a few years, and this past year there were several "nice" improvements made to the product (which we took full advantage of !!!).

We are heavily data driven, so some of these updates helped us reduce our maintenance and improve coverage for applications under test.

We created a new project for one of our applications to reduce manual testing, provide better testing results / reports and teach / train those colleagues on how to use R-API with our own internal "best practices" (some we "borrowed" from the SmartBear team 😂). We introduced them to all the R-API training SmartBear offers and they took to it like a kid in a candy store. Needless to say they are very fond of what you can accomplish using Ready API and are thankful to have less manual testing of redundant features.


Community Hero

In 2022 we will be expanding our QA to reach more departments than the two we work with now, which will give us many more applications to test. Most of the system testing is currently being done by the end users, but I hope to relieve them of that soon.  I'm planning to set up automation of each group's current testing with TestComplete and give them the option of being able to run the tests on their own for UAT with TestExecute.  Wish me luck!