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Wintertainment 2021 – Scavenger Hunt: Day 5



Final - 5th - Easter egg is live! Find it and find all 5 Easter egg to earn the Wintertainment Scavenger Hunt Champion badge. I already earned it 🙂 Post your earned badges under this message.


Wintertainment 2021_easter egg 5.pngEaster Egg #5

We hid this Easter egg ⬅️


Clue: Find the place where ReadyAPI Community members posts their use cases, interesting solutions, ready scripts, and much more valuable content.


Click over the Easter egg to earn the 'Scavenger Hunt Day 5' community badge! Comment here if you find it. But don’t tell others where you found 🙂 You can also give more clues.



Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  1. We’ll hide 1 Easter egg, each day, on a different community page.
  2. Each day we’ll give you a clue where to find the Easter egg. You can also find it on your own by just exploring the community pages (or write a script that will do it instead of you )
  3. Find the Easter egg, click it and earn a unique Wintertainment Scavenger Hunt badge. One badge per Easter egg.
  4. Find all 5 Easter eggs, and you’ll earn yourself a special Wintertainment Scavenger Hunt badge.


Find all Scavenger Hunt clues on by using ScavengerHunt21 tag/label.


Also, visit the Wintertainment21 page to find more great activities to participate.

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