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Wintertainment 2018 - Day 4: Learn in 2019



I’ve been working in the software industry for only several years. But even within this short period, I’ve learned a lot: new script languages, various modern technologies, etc.


Do you mind sharing the things you are planning to learn in 2019? What’s new and promising?

I’m sure this will help me and other people looking for self-development advice grow in the industry!


Share Your Things to Learn in 2019


I look forward to reading your suggestions!






Python and More Python all the way with TestComplete


Improving Swift, NodeJS and Python skills. 

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Will be taking an ISTQB course for improving my testing foundations and gaining a nice qualification!


Also Improving my Java Script skills for TestComplete!


James 🙂


 I think I could join the Python learners team Smiley Wink

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Ditto on the Python.


Non-tech learning goal -> Learning how to be a single dad of two teenage daughters....

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Python-lovers 🙂 

- I'm going to understand why Sass is better than CSS. I appreciate any suggestions.

- Want to take all SmartBear Academy classes and pass an exam to get a certificate.

- Learn OpenAPI specification.

- Also, I want to improve my public speaking skills.


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I need to learn to set aside some time for myself, and writing my darn novel! I need to dedicate some serious time for that and stop lollygagging about. I have some stories to be told! 


Aside from that, I'm eager to continue learning DevOps procedures and implementing as much of a fully automated test plan with Jenkins as possible. I'm re-architecting a lot of our testing infrastructure. 


I desire to participate in the development of video games as a music composer and a sound designer in the future, so my plans are to study FMOD, Wwise, Unity, Unreal Engine etc.. It's a parallel line of my professional education of course.


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More API testing skills for me!

  • Microsoft PowerShell slowly become one of my main instruments in everyday work and I have plans to take several courses to make knowledge of it deeper
  • There is number of Windows system administration topics to learn in my list too
  • ASP.NET is not very popular technology but it seems useful for me
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Hi All,


I would like to learn more about python, python  libraries and which can analyse the data on test execution time. The test result can be associated with data result too.


For example: 

Automating an ecommerce  Application which exists in various regions. To analysis a product sale, price , time of purchase etc factors at every time of test execution which notifies the different in market value of the product. 

A Sales dashboard (Anylytics )  in test execution results.




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It's time for Protractor and java script for Automation of Angular Applications 🙂