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Wintertainment 2018 - Day 1: Share Gift Ideas for Software Geeks

Hi everyone,


I'm happy to start our exciting event - SmartBear Community Wintertainment.

For one week (Dec 10-16), we will be discussing hot winter topics, share stories, and learn more about each other! 

I'm so excited πŸ™‚


The first topic to discuss is a tough one. I'm sure that most of you can't wrap your heads around what to give as a present to your awesome IT-colleagues. Well, me neither! Let's try to figure this out together. What gift would you like to get at the end of the year? Some of you can surely say that you are a bit of software geeks yourselves, so you should know the right answer πŸ™‚ 


Share your gift ideas by leaving comments below. The most active participants will be rewarded GiftBox_small.png!


The Wintertainment event will take place on Dec 10-16. We will suggest a new topic to discuss each day. Participate in as many discussions as you can. Only the comments left during this time period will be considered when deciding the winners.


Let Wintertainment 2018 begin!


Looking forward to seeing your ideas!








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Hi @sonya_m,


We human beings are polluting mother earth a lot, specially with plastic waste, so to my collegue and friends out there i will be gifting daily use items which they daily use while in office like Glass or Steel water Bottles, Steel Straws or Glass Lunch Box.


It will in preventing us in preventing intake on chemicals emissed through plastic material and also help curing Earth πŸ™‚



Himanshu Tayal

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Hi @sonya_m,


Myself and most of you will probably spend a large part of your day sat at a desk! It is important we maintain good posture while we work, as slouching in your chair my feel comfortable in the short term, I know its definately not going to be any help to your back in the long term!


Therefore I recommend gift idea's such as: Urgnomic Desk Chair, Lubmar Support, Wrist Rest or Monitor Stands.


I was recently suffering from pain in my wrist, which was fairly inexpensively remedied with a wrist rest!


Quick tip! Try keep your wrist straight, neutral and In a relaxed position when you type. Keyboard raises are generally not good for you, they force your wrists to bend up. They were added to keyboards design back when computers were first invented to make the transition from old fasion typerwriters to keyboards feel more natural but are of no use to us now!






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Hi SmartBear Team,

1. Mini Bonsai plants for office desk - Prefer aroma plants with Greeny Leaves. ( It would trigger planting habbit. one mini plant at office desk > atleast more than one plant/tree at home)
2. Mini gadget for Water drink reminder  -  to periodically remind the techie/geek to have a glass of water. (It will help to keep a geek/techie hydrated and it will save him/her from most of the common health issues).
3. Magnet Stones - For sticky note purpose, Paper Weight, Stress Buster at office desk.
4. Multipurpose, pen stand in wood.
5. A Wrist Band/Head Cap/White T-Shirt with SmartBear logo in Sky Blue color. I start loving the automation test with TestComplete and its AI πŸ™‚

Best Regards,
Anbu πŸ™‚



Great topic, @sonya_m! Finding gifts for my friends is what I’m good at, and I always really enjoy the processCat Happy

For me, as a real foodie, any kind of food is the best gift. Savory or sweet, it doesn’t matter. Some unusual ingredients or spices would be a perfect present for me!Heart

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The Greatest gift at anytime will be a Guru/Trainer who trains me on a topic which I was not aware before or a Self-Help book

Learning is the only non boring stuff in the world at anytime. 



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I think many of you know that I'm a sports maniac.

A balance ball chair for me, please πŸ™‚

As for me, I will be very happy if I get Dremel 8220-2/45Smiley LOL

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Software geeks spend most of their days dealing with abstract concepts and "intangibles".  You write code on screen and you run code... but there's nothing you can actually pick up and touch and move and things.  So, depending upon what you like, a good software geeky gift would be some sort of physical hobby.  Some examples:


1) Lego kits.  Lots and lots of legos

2) If they are a cook/chef, cook books or kitchen gadgets

3) The crafty type person might like knitting needles or yarn or something on those lines

4) Woodworking tools for the software geek who likes the smell of sawdust



Most of us probably would say that their workplace is techy kingdom of electronics - it would be great to get something to add some note of nature to it.
So as a good gift I see florarium-- it's eye pleasing piece of greenery and at the same time one don't have to make a lot of maintanance to keep it alive (we all are a bit lazy Smiley Embarassed )


I want a Fluttershy figure from My Little Pony on my table ^_^

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I think Himalyan Salt Lamp is the best gift idea for office desk and would like to have foot rest under desk

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Mmmm. How could I forget about a foot massager! thanks, @varsha! πŸ˜‰


Bicycle. Smiley Wink

It's always nice to have it. It does not pollute the environment. It helps you move and be healthy.
And in case of outage, you can attach a generator and produce some electricity. Smiley Happy

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Bicycle is a great answer.  One of the under the desk exersice bikes are super nice.

Another good gift idea is something to fiddle with while waiting for tests to run. Little magnetic balls, rubiks cube, or figit toys are great.

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An actual book to read, thus forcing the user to put down the electronics and focus on something else!  

Snacks and drinks to go with it are optional but highly desired.  πŸ™‚


Google Home, Amazon Dot or Yandex Station for home automation. Real gift for tech geek.

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All your gift ideas are so great! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing them with us.

I'm going to use some to buy gifts for my geek friends πŸ™‚


We still have time to share our ideas. Invite your friends or colleagues to this discussion. This way, they will know for sure what to give you as a present!


Happy Holidays!

And join today's discussion - we are recollecting our achievements of 2018.

Don't be afraid to show off πŸ˜‰

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My gift idea for the tech and software geeks is a raspberry pi. As a versatile little computer, it can be used for a variety of projects to tinker with when not at work. 


My Gift Idea


1. Fake Mobile/Fake Cigarate (for smokers) - so that they will play around at desk

2. Pillow with funny quotes (e.g. I am not sleeping i am thinking), so quick nap at desk

3. Mobile charger/Small puzzle for desk/small lego to play at desk

4. Small puzzle for cubicle friends (more collaboration)

5. Family photo frame at desk with quotes (inspiration at its best)

6. My Mood (Mood display e.g. I am angry now, I am feeling not talking now etc.)

etc. etc.


And yes geeky books to kept at desk is one of best idea for geeky






Great gift idea for each geek(I would like to have one):

USB-Floppy Drive and the pack of Diskettes with the Doom install files. Everybody loves Doom, aren't they?