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Video Interview with Benoit Biache - SmartBear Community Leader

Please meet Benoit Biache - a two-times (!) SmartBear Community Leader! We recorded a video interview with Benoit so that you could know him better and get some great advice from the TestComplete expert. In this video interview, Benoit speaks about his hobbies (you might be surprised!), his exciting career, and shares advice that will be useful for beginners, as well as for experienced testers. Watch the interview and post your questions to Benoit.


Benoit Biache is a SmartBear Community Leader. He is now heading the Software Quality department of Rational Consulting, a small company of experts dedicated to secure ERP projects.


Benoit is a great TestComplete expert that has been in the SmartBear Community since 2013. A developer at heart, he started working with TestComplete a long time ago and followed the evolution of this tool taking advantage of the freedom TestComplete offers when you are looking for a solution for your task.


An interesting fact about Benoit: he claims that photography is a vital need for him. And, he is brilliant at it! See for yourself on his Instagram by the link below.


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We would like to know more about you, please tell us about your background and your hobbies.




I live in a small village near Montpellier in France, between the sea and mountains. I have a lovely family with two children and a very cute border collie, Pearl, that some people on the Community know a little about.

I've been working in the IT field for 40 years now. I started in my youth with Apple IIC, Oric 1 and Amiga then studied computer science with magnetic tapes and large 8 inches floppy disks. With these kinds of peripheral you know, believe me, that time and speed are relative. 


At the beginning of the nineties, there were not too many job options in IT, so I launched a concept of Computer Clinic in a big retail company, they kept the concept, but not me... After that, I worked for 7 years in Leisure touchscreen video game terminals. I liked this time, traveling in Europe, creating games and frameworks, and so on.  That was with the Assembly and Delphi language.


Then I was working in various roles: a developer, project manager, tester, and, now, I'm heading a Software Quality department of Rational Consulting, a small company of experts dedicated to secure ERP projects. 


About my hobbies... They are travelling, meeting people and cultures, walking in nature with my dog, taking photos and contributing to the Wikipedia community. Photography is more than a hobby for me but a real vital need. I've won several prizes in Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments contests and I was also a juror of these contests. I've also co-directed quite a big photo club for 5 years.




How did you get into testing?




I got into testing and working specifically with TestComplete because… I needed to keep my job…


I was doing a short-term job as a developer but during this job I've made a Delphi Unit test and it worked quite well so they kept me, but in the Testing Department. And, at the same, they started to do Automation with Automated QA 6.5. Having a developer's heart, I started directly to work with scripting and creating frameworks. We used TestComplete to test a complete software chain including several ERPs, thick clients and web clients in the black-box scenario.


So, I followed the TestComplete evolution since that time.


And, now, we use TestComplete in my new company for testing and developing a data cleansing tool. I wrote an article about TestComplete as a development tool in LinkedIn and the SmartBear Community.




What is your favorite TestComplete feature and why?  




Hmm... In fact, it's not a feature but the global approach of SmartBear letting people choose the way of implementing their own path of testing. This allows several approaches, several ways of finding a solution, avoiding constraints on a person’s way of thinking. With competitors, you don’t have this choice and you feel trapped.


Another great "feature" is the Community, it feels great to be part of it, thanks to people’s kindness and the great work of Sonya and Tanya. It's not often in a software product community that you can find so much valuable information so rapidly.




You have a lot of experience in test automation, what advice would you give to those who are only starting their career in QA?




First, find a mentor. Then meet customers, developers and product owners.


Working in QA means that you are being at a crossroads. This is so challenging and motivating because you must reconcile every point of view, know the business of your customer, know the developers’ limits and constraints and know the product owner’s dreams. That implies you must improve yourself so much in many ways.


What you must avoid at all costs is to work in an Ivory tower (an isolated bubble). Also, avoid thinking with the bias of a testing solution, but always open your thinking beyond. Be open-minded and be curious!




Any special message you would like to say to the Community?




First, thanks! Thanks to everyone for participating, thanks to others Community Leaders and Heroes, thanks to Sonya for being such a great Community manager even when so few people react!


Second, please participate more, share more, not only technical tricks but also other experiences, bad or good.


And don’t ask a question, wait for the answer and go back only when you have another question. But rather try to answer other questions too, each answer always brings something.


Don't forget we are not the SmartBear Support team, we are volunteers. Be curious, first search the Community because so much valuable information is already there!


SmartBear Alumni (Retired)