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[News] February 2019 SmartBear Community News Journal


Hey Community,


Welcome to the February Community News journal. We've started the year with a lot of great releases, exclusive conversations, new training, and, of course, with an exclusive video interview!


Find the most exciting news below. As usual, leave your comments if you have anything to add, and give us Kudos 🙂


[VIDEO] Interview with Ashutosh Anshu

Watch an exclusive video with our API Community Leader - Ashutosh Anshu - mostly known as @avidCoder. Ashutosh shares with us why he didn't want to be a developer, how to migrate from SoapUI OS to SoapUI Pro, the top SoapUI Pro features he uses the most and much more.




[People] Top Community Contributors


Here are our January stars - people who contributed to the SmartBear Community a lot, and who you gave the biggest number of Kudos:

@tristaanogre@AlexKaras@nmrao, @Marsha_R, @richie, @avidCoder, @cunderw, @MichaelPunsky, @vthomeschoolmom@m_essaid 


Give Kudos to replies you like. Authors of these replies will be happy to get such positive feedback. Very soon, we will announce the quarterly leaders.


[Product] SmartBear Releases

In January, we have updated the following SmartBear products. Consider migrating to the latest versions:


[Learn] Upcoming Training

SmartBearAcademy-certificationWe are inviting you to our free 101 training. It will help you get started with a SmartBear product! You will learn the top product features, and, after the training, you will be able to use them as an expert. We set up training sessions each week. Check out the training schedule to choose the one you would like to attend.



[Talk] Hottest discussions

Let's recollect the most interesting and exciting discussions:


That's all for today. Feel free to leave your comments and give Kudos.


See you in the SmartBear Community 😉


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