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March 2018 SmartBear Community New Journal

SmartBear Community News Journal
March 2018

Hi Community!


I welcome you in our monthly SmartBear Community News! February was a very active month - we enjoyed doing sport exercises in the Community Winter Games along with watching the Olympic Games. Also, February was a month of revealing big secrets - we started a set of interviews with the Leaders and Heroes to learn more about them. Watch the first interview with Alexei Karas today!


Let's start:

March Top Contributors

Next month, we will select new Community Leaders for Q1 2018. It's high time you competed with the top contributors and started participating more actively in discussions. As usual, we will count the number of Kudos you get. Here are our March stars:

Kudos: 113
Kudos Earned: 32
Kudos: 30
Kudos Earned: 29
Kudos Earned: 25

Contributor Interview

You always wanted to learn more about the contributors who you meet each day online in the SmartBear Community: who they are in the real life, what their passion is, etc. I'm excited to start a new event which will reveal all secrets they might have.


Today, I'm happy to welcome @AlexKaras - one of our most experienced Community Heroes. Watch our interview with Alexei - we are talking about his personal life and the life in the SmartBear Community. Also, Alexei shares his thoughts on his main competitors among other Community Heroes. Feel free to ask Alexei your questions - he will be happy to reply 🙂


Find the interview here.


Winter Games Results


February was a great sport month! We enjoyed watching the Olympic Games and competed in the Winter Games here, in the SmartBear Community:) I hope all of you had a lot of fun during the event. Big thanks for your awesome contribution to all participants and, please join me to congratulate our winners one more time:

1st place - @Florian_Hofmann;

2nd place - @groovyguy;

3rd place - @jmetertea.


You can review the key moments here:

Community Winter Games - Winners. Hurray 🙂

As usual, post your comments if you have anything to ask or suggest. See you in the SmartBear Community 🙂
SmartBear Alumni (Retired)