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Community Winter Games - Day 4



Since our Sport Team is now fully organized, I think it’s time to start working out 😉 We should prove that we are athletes indeed 🙂


Task for Day 4

Post an image of yourself doing any sport exercises in the office.


Here, in SmartBear, we are very serious about keeping fit. During the breaks, we like doing a plank, working with dumbbells or experimenting with an office chair 🙂

SB Sport Activity-1080.jpg


I look forward to seeing your pictures. Please be careful while doing the exercises – don’t hurt yourself! You are very important for the SmartBear Community.


Participate in today’s Game

Leave a comment below this article with your answer to the task.



-          At the end of the event, the SmartBear Expert group will choose three winners

-          All winners will get gift cards according to their medal place:

             o   Gold Medal - $45 gift card

             o   Silver Medal - $35 gift card

             o   Bronze Medal - $20 gift card

-          The winners will be selected among the members who completed the max number of tasks during the event.


Rules, because there always have to be some rules…

-          You must be a SmartBear Community member to take part in the Games.

-          Don’t be afraid to be creative! A short simple answer to a daily task is not what you should be aiming for.

-          You can complete the tasks any time you want before the event ends – Feb 17.

-          Be active and give Kudos to answers of other community members.


Daily Tasks will be posted at 4 AM GMT | 9:30 IST | 1 AM EST on Feb 12-16

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