Community Winter Games - Day 3

Hello Team,



We’ve been choosing the name, slogan, and emblem for our sport team. It’s time to decide which type of sport activity we will be competing in 🙂


Task for Day 3

Is there any winter sport which reminds you of the process of creating and executing automated tests? Explain your choice.


Dmitry Fonarev, SmartBear SVP, shared his thoughts regarding this:




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Leave a comment below this article with your answer to the task.



-          At the end of the event, the SmartBear Expert group will choose three winners

-          All winners will get gift cards according to their medal place:

             o   Gold Medal - $45 gift card

             o   Silver Medal - $35 gift card

             o   Bronze Medal - $20 gift card

-          The winners will be selected among the members who completed the max number of tasks during the event.


Rules, because there always have to be some rules…

-          You must be a SmartBear Community member to take part in the Games.

-          Don’t be afraid to be creative! A short simple answer to a daily task is not what you should be aiming for.

-          You can complete the tasks any time you want before the event ends – Feb 17.

-          Be active and give Kudos to answers of other community members.


Daily Tasks will be posted at 4 AM GMT | 9:30 IST | 1 AM EST on Feb 12-16

Community Manager

Automating tests is like grooming the piste.

It's nothing that most people would enjoy watching or be cheering at - but without it, there'd also be nothing that most people would enjoy watching or be cheering at.


Yeaeh, I know, that's not a valid answer, I try to come up with an actual discipline...


Edit: Here's my comparison with an actual winter sport:

Automating tests is like a snowball fight: Nothing beats the fun of scoring a hit by not aiming at where it is now, but by aiming at where it will be.

Community Hero

Olympic Curling reminds me a lot of creating and executing automated tests. I see our tests as the stone that's going to pass over the (hopefully) smooth surface of the code. The only thing that's going to get in our way are the defects in the code, and the developers are ahead of us working ahead of us to get them cleaned up and smoothed out!


When the two teams work in tandem and work together, it's nothing but smooth sailing to hit our targets. Even little bumps can be smoothed over and worked around, and in the end, we're winners. 

Community Manager

Hahahaha, Matthew 🙂

I also often compare creating tests with curling! You need to put a lot of effort and strategic thinking to get great results.



Ski-jump. You are waiting for your turn and when it gets your turn, it goes downhill very fast. You ask yourself: 'why did I agree to this?' Then you have the release and you feel like flying, but soon start thinking: 'We are going to crash! We are going to crash!' but you quietly land. And then you are told to get ready for the next jump. 

Senior Member

Automation test creation is a bit like Ice climbing


You have to climb the mountain of knowing and understanding your product and its hidden treasures before you reach a stable automation tests.


In the end you can "view the view" from high grounds and see your product limitations

New Contributor

Skeleton, Hurtling head first down an ice slope with very little protection, and on a vehicle with no brakes.


@sha Smiley Very Happy and sooner or later, your manager tells you to adopt that continuous landing jump style everyone's talking about. Smiley Tongue


Yes, I know the 'continuous landing jump style'; that is the one where you land extremely fast. It sounds efficient; it may not be so great when you try it.


Automation testing is like Snowbiking --> Its so much fun with challenges 


Once we decide to Snowbike , we think about 

Choice of bike  --> Automation tool in testers case

Approach to ride --> Designing framework 

Riding --> Working on it

Maintaincae of bike --> We maintain our scripts too!!!



Super Contributor

Automation testing like figure skate

full of grace and awe and absolutely magnificint when watching an automated test in play as the judges just go awee


Community Manager

Hi everyone.

Thanks for your participation in the games! We are closing the event. I hope you enjoyed the games 😁

We will analyze your answers and post the winners on Monday. Stay tuned.

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