Community Winter Games - Day 2

Hello Team,


Yesterday, you shared a lot of great names for our sport team. There is one more thing that we need to come up with today to complete the team creation process.


Task for Day 2

Draw an emblem of our team. What elements should it include?


You can use MS Paint (Windows) or Preview (macOS) to draw the emblem.

Let me share my version πŸ™‚





Participate in today’s Game

Leave a comment below this article with your answer to the task.



-          At the end of the event, the SmartBear Expert group will choose three winners

-          All winners will get gift cards according to their medal place:

             o   Gold Medal - $45 gift card

             o   Silver Medal - $35 gift card

             o   Bronze Medal - $20 gift card

-          The winners will be selected among the members who completed the max number of tasks during the event.


Rules, because there always have to be some rules…

-          You must be a SmartBear Community member to take part in the Games.

-          Don’t be afraid to be creative! A short simple answer to a daily task is not what you should be aiming for.

-          You can complete the tasks any time you want before the event ends – Feb 17.

-          Be active and give Kudos to answers of other community members.


Daily Tasks will be posted at 4 AM GMT | 9:30 IST | 1 AM EST on Feb 12-16

Community Manager
Occasional Contributor

I did not understand the purpose of this competition.

Firstly you said team name then logo.

I thought it would be technical competition.

Community Manager

Hi Abdullah,



By doing this event, we are celebrating the Winter Olympic Games that unite the entire world at the moment.

Yes, this is a fun competition where everybody can relax a bit and talk/laugh with peers. This week, I've prepared various tasks including easy sport exercises πŸ™‚


As for technical competitions, we are doing them, as well. Stay tuned and join us any time!


So should we create a logo that tries to match the name we proposed? Or will you announce a winner name that we can draw a logo for? Or should we create a logo that could be used independent of a name?

Community Manager

Hi Florian,

We will decide the winners at the end of the event so that everyone can participate in the game any day. The logo may contain your proposed name or not. A member with the most interesting logo will win.

Community Hero

EDIT: I had to edit my comment to attach an image. Here's my logo!



Community Manager

Hi Matthew, you can simply add it inside the text:



Look forward to seeing that you've prepared πŸ™‚

Community Manager

 Smiley Happy Such dramatic scratches, Matthew


Any other logos, guys?






Name: TidalWaves

Tag Line: Conquer bugs with a single wave!!!

Community Hero

That doesn't look drawn. πŸ˜‰ Good logo though!



 I hope you can at least guess from the context this is supposed to be a bear....

Senior Member

Bear In Mind


Community Manager

Hi everyone.

Thanks for your participation in the games! We are closing the event. I hope you enjoyed the games 😁

We will analyze your answers and post the winners on Monday. Stay tuned.

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