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August 2015 SmartBear Community News Journal

Community Manager

Hello Community!

The August Community News Journal is welcoming you Smiley Happy

Expect to see the most valuable, interesting and hottest news from the SmartBear Community. So, let's start:

SmartBear Product Releases

Ready! API 1.4


Unanswered Discussions

Here is the list of discussions which are still waiting for your feedback. 
It's a good chance for you to earn some Kudos or help other testers!  

Does JSON RegEx assertions support regex shortcuts - SoapUI OS

Any thoughts of rolling out dashboard customization capabilities on SaaS? - QAComplete

Tortoise plugin testcomplete 11 on windows 10 - TestComplete

Not able click on numbers of link in the same page - TestComplete

How to call a datasource from within a datasource in SOAPUI - Ready! API, SoapUI NG

Print raw request and response in stack trace on test case failure - Ready! API, SoapUI NG

Specifying script library path with a URI - Ready! API, SoapUI NG

Featured Members

Meet our new community leaders and the well-known ones who earned the biggest number of Kudos for the previous month: 

Kudos Earned: 23
(+8 in Aug)
Kudos Earned: 20
(-11 in Aug)
Kudos Earned: 19
(New Leader)
Kudos Earned: 13
(-1 in Aug)
Kudos Earned: 10
(New Leader)

As usual, post your comments here if you have anything to ask or suggest. See you in the SmartBear Community Smiley Happy

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