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Howdy Guys!


A lot of awesome things happened in the SmartBear Community last year: thousands of different questions were discussed, many interesting online events were set up, and we keep growing and improving the level of communication. Let's recollect the main highlights of 2017! Feel free to share your own highlights 😉

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2017 Featured Discussions

There were so many great discussions last year. Let me highlight the following ones:

  • The most Kudoed month: in April 2017, you gave 639 Kudos. Can we exceed this record?

2017 Community Heroes

I've recently announced the new Community Heroes. These are the members who brought the significant value to the SmartBear Community thanks to their contribution last year. Each Community Leader can become a hero. Please read the Become a Leader page if you are exciting to earn the highest community status.


Join me in congratulating Community Heroes 2017!


2017 Community Events

Last year, we set up many different online Community events. Besides that, SmartBear set up the first user conference which some of you attended and presented awesome speeches! Here are short recaps of all the events:

  1. In May, we set up the TestComplete Community Day that allowed the Community members and the TestComplete Product Team to discuss exciting topics within 24 hrs.
  2. During 4 months (May 1 - Sept 1), ReadyAPI members were participating in the API Bloom weekly challenges.
  3. In September, we were happy to meet with community members at SmartBear Connect - our user conference. Review a short video with leaders from it.
  4. The end of the year was celebrated with the 12 Days of Software Quality event where we discussed exciting industry topics.

We have even more events planned for this year. So, stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed 2017. Please share with us your memorable moments happened here last year. Here's looking at a great 2018!
Community Manager
Community Hero

SmartBear Connect was great!  There was a lot of good information shared and meeting everyone was special too.

Senior Member

Smartbear 2017 Community Event: 12 Days of Software Quality event was great!!!

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