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Chat Support

by on ‎03-12-2015 06:00 AM

Rather than new shiny things I think customers would benefit most from easier access to technical support.

Specifically some sort of chat support seems like it would be the best solution. Build us better technical support.

Please change the default target when inserting a link from "Open in current page" to "Open in new page".

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We have the dedicated desktop/web/mobile secions.


And we have the "getting started" section.


But we don't have a general/advanced/experienced section. (Although I think the old forum did? Can't remember ...)


Anyway, I think it would be useful for more advanced questions relating to general usage. So it separates out the "noob" (for want of a better word) from the rest.


For instance, a couple of the topics near the top of the "getting started" are currently my question about VBScript custom class use in Script Extensions, variable type casting problems using Python and use of command line parameters to handle global vars when launching TestExecute.


For me, these are not "getting started" questions, nor are they specific to any particular type of test/application  .....

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reorganize feature requests

by on ‎04-29-2015 12:23 AM

this is a list of currently 163 requests in sequential order.

I will not read through it, of course.

Without a helpful structure, it is not information, but only noise.


So, my proposal:

reorganize it in a requirement-management fashioned way. Make it hierarchical. Apply a useful structure, so that the user can do a binary search instead of full read.

A useful structure would be the structure of TC's technical elements.

And, further: include status information. Has a request been discussed, is it accepted, rejected for what reason,..?

Provide filter & search functions on status and content.




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The following features of Rich Text features do not appear after posting the response.



code snippets


Any idea?

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Matching Tags while adding new Tagging

by Community Hero nmrao on ‎03-12-2015 08:28 AM



Found a new feature 'Add Tag'  against the posts, this is a welcome.


I find it would also be good to show some context sense i.e., it would be nice to show matches while typing (while adding tag) from existing tags as this would help to have consistent tags across the community to find related exact tags (normally while adding tag, user can type anything that, different tags for the same topic by different people as notation is not uniform, but may cause to find topics of right ones)




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As we migrated to new community site, there can be various issues like problem faced by users, data issues, broken links, or enhancements / ideas related to new site can be put in under one sub titile/section. Currently those are going in different places under different sections. Does it make sense?


For example, when code snippet is added it is not enabling horizontal scroll bar, so part of the code line is being shown in the next line currently and that may lead to failures when users copy paste it in the script.

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