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file assignment

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file assignment


in which way can I assign special files from a review to one user.

So that the user can see only the files which assinged to him.

The case I will fit is: I Have 10 files to review and 5 reviewers. Yet I will assign every reviewer 2 files.

In the end all files should be reviewed. And the reviewer should only be able to change the files which are assigned to them.

Is there a possibility to do this? Maybe with scripting?


Hi Simon,

There's no native way to do this in CodeCollaborator. Right now, the only way to "assign" a particular file in a review to a specific reviewer would be to annotate the file with the reviewer's name, but there wouldn't be any way to enforce reviewers to view/comment on their assigned files only.

If anyone has any workarounds, we'd love to hear them, but in the meantime, you might be interested in this feature request on our UserVoice forum here:


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