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Upload review materials via web ui

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Upload review materials via web ui

Subversion is configured with LDAP authentication (Our collaborator also). We have to add the repositories to collaborator without username and password because of different subversion access rules. Is it possible to use the currently logged in user to upload review material of a certain SVN revision in the web ui? Currently when not setting a username and a password to a repository an error occurs. We expected that in this case the logged in users data would be used to upload files. Or at least a prompt where the user can add credentials.
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Have you tried configuring the Subversion Server Integration settings? Does this work in the latest version of Collaborator (currently ver. 11.3.11301)?

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Hi, "Version Control" -> "Version Control Server Templates" requires to store username and password. Storing common subverision credentials with full read access is a bad idea. Different user have different access rights to subversion. So the only one and correct way would be to use the users credentials. How can we reach that goal? Currently 11.3.11300 is installed regards Daniel
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