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Provide facility to organize review materials

Provide facility to organize review materials

It would be useful to be able to organize review materials into something like a folder structure. E.g. to reflect the organization of source code packages or to segregate supporting reference material or checklists (that are not necessarily for review themselves) from actual review material.

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I don't believe we will be adding a way to organize review materials any time this year.  One part of our ability to diff files is based on our current folder structure.


Today, the Notes option is probably the best way to indicate that files don't need to be reviewed.


Thank you for the suggestion!



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We have reviews that include development plans (word docs) and requirement specs (pdfs) and compilation/elaboration/etc. log files.  Some sort of hierarchy needs to be supported in the review materials section.  It's hard to look through 300 files and make sense of the natural hierarchy that exists but is not represented.

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