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On behalf of Cummins - Feature requests

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On behalf of Cummins - Feature requests

  • When reviewing Word documents, it won’t show tracked changes. We typically turn on track changes, and then edit the content. When reviewing, the reviewer can see the changes marked in red. When we upload a Word doc with tracked changes to Collaborator, it only shows the content without any highlighting of the changes. This forces us to upload it in PDF format, which then shows the changes properly.
  • Due to our poor server (I would assume), comments often take 5-10 seconds to show up. Sometimes I will hit the button to send the comment, and my comment disappears. After a few seconds, I assume it didn’t take, so I type it again and submit. Then a few seconds later, duplicate comments pop up. It would be nice if the UI showed a progress indicator that it is saving the comment to the server rather than just having the comment disappear from my window until the server updates. Having a faster server would probably help, but for people who don’t have one or don’t want to cut through lots of red tape to get one, this feature would be nice. J
Welcome to the Collaborator Feature Requests board!

Here you can review submitted feature requests and vote up the ones you like! If you can't find the feature you want - go ahead and suggest your own idea. Ideas with the highest rating can be implemented in the product.

Check out the Create a Feature Request guide for more information.
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