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Collaborator needs ability for administrators to merge accounts

Collaborator needs ability for administrators to merge accounts

One fine summer day, "Jane Smith" (sAMAccountName/username == "janesmit") gets married, and changes her name to Jane Johnson.  After returning from her honeymoon and going back to work, she logs into her computer and other applications as "janejohn", and all is well.  

Unfortunately, when she logs into her company's instance of Collaborator (which uses LDAP Auth) as "janejohn", it is as if she has an entirely new account - the old account "janesmit" is separate, and she no longer has access to the reviews associated with her old account ("janesmit").  Collaborator does not act appropriately when accounts are renamed.


Jane is understandably not happy, and writes an email to the maintainers of Collaborator at her company, asking for the accounts to be merged.  Unfortunately, Collaborator provides no such capability to the administrators of the tool, and Jane is sad.  If only SmartBear would add the ability for an administrator to merge accounts, Jane would be happy.  🙂


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I agree it would be nice to change in the Web user interface however in the meantime, you should be able to change the login via the command line interface (ccollab admin user edit):

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Using "ccollab admin user edit" works if the "new" user hasn't already logged in, but if they already have, you can't edit the old one to be the new username, since it already exists.


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For different reasons we need to to exactly the same thing.  We ended up with a mess in terms of user accounts when we switched to LDAP from local, and then back to local when LDAP stopped working and everyone was locked out.  Is anybody doing anything with it? 


Looking at the "Idea Status" metrics above it looks like nothing much actually happens with customer inputs posted here.  If I'm counting right, only 3 of 259 "new ideas" have been implemented and nothing at all has been done with 212 (81%) of them.  Are we wasting our time?

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Six months later... this is still a "new idea" and there are still only 3 implemented.   

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Looks like this issue turned one year-old today.  Could someone at smart bear look at this?

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