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Client Maintenance - upgrade to latest version compatible with the server

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Client Maintenance - upgrade to latest version compatible with the server

The Code Collaborator client is compatible with a fairly wide range of server versions. The client is aware of the associated server.


Ideally, the client tool could auto update when enabled to the current version that is compatible with the associated server version.

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If implemented I think this would need to be an optional setting; maybe this would work for some customers, but currently we have our users fixed on a version of the client older than the server due to known issues, and our client installation process requires some instructions on how to locate specific ClearCase files that need to be included in the install. 


Possibly you would want to be able to specify in the server settings the latest client version that you want your users to have (not necessarily the server version), and if the client isn't running that version, it could notify the user that a newer version is available with a link either to the install or upgrade instructions.  I do know that there is a minimum client version setting on the server but I haven't experimented with it.

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I would agree that it should be an optional setting as there must be a variety of usage scenarios. We, too, currently have a specific version defined for usage on the shop floor.


In our case, it was to ensure a homogeneous environment to simplify our internal support. However, if I assume the client-server relationship is managed safely/correctly and if the updates were applied consistently, I should still get a homogeneous environment after a brief period of flux.


I am not aware of any specific issues. If I were, I would be advocating for a remedy as being back on an older version potentially forces a client update when a server update is needed. This would create a barrier to upgrade. It is my understanding that the client-server compatibility is fairly generous/accommodating.

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FYI from my discussions with SmartBear, you can have a server version >= client version (and there is a minimum client version required by the server), but not a client version > the server version.

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exactly. I want the client to auto update in relation to the associated server. This means the client would be nearly maintenance free.