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Can notification emails be collected into a digest form?

Can notification emails be collected into a digest form?

Several of our users complain about the volume of emails that they receive from Collaborator even when the setting is adjusted to minimal. Is it possible to collect the notifications in a different format such as a single digest email instead of an email per review?

(e.g. You are a participant in X reviews which are past due. You have Y stalled reviews currently.)

Status changed to: Deferred to Support

It's hardly will be implemented. Please consider the alternative options:

- change Notification level to minimal for specific uses

- use in-app notification channel instead e-mails

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Understood that this would be difficult. The alternatives don't currently meet our use case. I appreciate that the feature request was considered.


We can write down this suggestion as a possible improvement for the future, but without any commitment. And for sure the feature won't be delivered in the nearest time.

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