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Arrange the fields in the review according to our need

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Arrange the fields in the review according to our need


Would love to have the capability to order the the fields of the Review in the Review page.


For example - I have a Review custom field that needs to come right after the 'Deadline' field. So the capability to move change the order of the fields would be helpful.





Status changed to: Postponed

You can control the order of custom fields on Review page now.

If we are speaking about managing order pre-defined fields, and mixing them with customer fields on UI - we wrote down this suggestion as a possible future improvement, but there are no plans to implement this in the nearest future.



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Frankly, I was a bit shocked that we can not order the fields in the Review Page however we want.  That seems to me the whole purpose of setting up a review.  The ability to create our own fields and put our own fields at the top of the review seems like a basic function.  Why does "Smartbear" get to decide what's important to my group?

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