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How to Request a Feature Improvement

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How to Request a Feature Improvement

If you have a feature in mind that you think would improve SmartBear products – we are happy to learn about it and consider its implementation.  

The SmartBear Community is a great way to share your product improvement ideas. Our Product Owners are regularly taking note of feature requests posted here.  



There are two ways to request an improvement idea: 

  1. Finding an existing feature request and voting it up.
  2. Adding a new idea. 

Finding an Existing Feature Request

  1. Choose the right SmartBear product community. For this, click the main menu at the top of the page: 

  2. On the left, choose the product you wish to submit a feature request for. We will use ReadyAPI for the sake of this example.
  3. On the list of the ReadyAPI forums, click ReadyAPI Feature Requests:
    The Feature Requests board will open. 

  4. Try looking for a similar feature request by typing its title in the Idea Exchange search field. 
    Note: If you can find a similar idea by the exact title, try using keywords, i.e. relevant terms.

  5. Click Enter on your keyboard or the Search icon next to the search field. 
  6. Browse the searcresults. If you find a match – click the topics title to go to its page. 
  7. If you like the idea, vote for it by clicking the corresponding button:
    If you didn’t find anything similar, go ahead and create your own feature request. 


Adding a New Feature Request

First, go to the right Feature Request board. For this, follow steps 1-3 from the previous section. After this, follow the instruction:


  1. Click the Suggest an idea button in the top-right corner of the page:
  2. Add a title and describe your idea with as many details as possible. You can also add images, videos, code samples to the body of the message or as attachments. We advise labeling your idea for easier navigation.
    NoteNaming your idea is important. This is how other users will find it and vote for it. Take a moment to come up with a clear and searchable title.
  3. Click Post.

When an idea is created, it gets the New Idea status. We are using a number of statuses to make the process of implementing ideas transparent 


The following statuses exist: 


The statuses will help you easily track progress of an idea’s implementation. 


Let’s make the SmartBear products even more awesome together! 

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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