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Upgrading Your InSite to the Latest Version


Upgrading Your InSite to the Latest Version

    The latest version of AlertSite InSite has significant improvements and updates. All clients are recommeneded to upgrade to the latest version. Some of the upgrade benefits are listed below. Quality, reliability, performance and the overall experience is much better with the latest version:


- Improved connection diagnostics

- Test on Demand Functionality

- Upgraded FF playback engine

- Upgraded SoapUI/ReadyAPI playback engine

- Chrome support

- Selenium support

- Custom alert template support

- User managed certificate support

- ServiceNow Integration


There are two ways to Upgrade. You can perform the upgrade at your discretion at anytime. There is no need for intervention from Support for this. Here are the options:


 1. You can upgrade your InSite from the InSite console directly under the Manage InSite Location tab. The console downloads and applies the upgrade. The process can take about 20-30 minutes. Watch for the version number in the console to update to confirm the upgrade is completed. (This method is NOT supported for AWS instances) Make sure to reboot the InSite after the upgrade completes.


- or -


 2. You can build a new image and re-register the location with the upgraded image. You can now reset the registration yourself. This process usually takes less that 10 minutes to complete. Below are the links and steps for the process:







  1. Build the New Image from the links above and confirm access to the UI from a browser. Configure any proxy settings required before registration. If necessary, you can shut down the old image at this point as well.


  1. Log into your account at and from the cog wheel in the top right browse to "Settings - Private Locations" in the console.


  1. Click the Pencil icon to the right of the current location to expand the edit panel.


  1. Check the 'Reset UUID' checkbox and click Submit in the top right. Your old InSite will stop reporting in at this point.


  1. Copy the location ID into your new InSite and register with your credentials.


  1. Once the registration is confirmed in the InSite UI, refresh the page at to confirm the version has updated there as well.


  1. Within 10-20 minutes, refresh the Private Locations page again at and verify that the 'Last Monitoring Test' timestamp has updated as well. Once the timestamp updates, you have confirmed the upgrade was successful.


  1. You should also re-register the ServerAgent from the new InSite, if you are using one.



Latest Version 2.1.5

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