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AlertSite Deployment Notice


AlertSite Deployment Notice



New functionality has been added to the AlertSite Platform.  Here's a summary.


Run View


We've expanded the modal waterfall/table view in UXM to include a new Run Summary screen that breaks down a page by slowest and largest objects and provides breakdowns of page content by domain and content type.


Some key Run View Summary controls include:


  • Domain Filter – lets you look at all objects, all objects tied to base page domain, all objects in other domains
  • View Control – lets you toggle between the summary, waterfall, and table views
  • Top 5 - highlights the the Top 5 slowest and largest page objects. This view can be expanded to show all objects
  • Object/Payload Breakdown – lets you toggle between domain and content type breakdowns

Run View can be accessed by selecting the waterfall button on the UXM Run Screen or on the Dashboard Quick View.


Power User Role


We're introducing the Power User Role, which functionally fills a gap between the read-only and co-admin roles. Users assigned to this role will be able to manage monitors, reports, alerts and SLAs. These users will not be able to manage users or account settings.


Step Level Alerting for Perfecto Mobile Monitors


We've added the ability to create step level availability alerts for Perfecto Mobile monitors. This functionality exists today for other multi-step monitor types.


Various bug fixes are also included in this release.

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