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Verify Access to a Downloaded or Uploaded File with AlertSite


Verify Access to a Downloaded or Uploaded File with AlertSite

    The challenge with this type of monitoring is that the AlertSite Remote Location servers and InSites do not provide system file access. Therefore, it is not possible to create a monitor that uploads a file stored locally on the hard drive, or one that downloads and saves a file locally on the hard drive. There are other options however to overcome this limitation.


Browser Accessible Files


     Files that can be loaded directly into the browser and viewed, like PDF files, pictures, text images, etc, can be tested in this manner with DejaClick. The file itself will open in a new tab or window and the timings for this content will be captured in reports.


Single URL Website Monitor


     If a file to be downloaded is referenced by a click in the browser window, and does not require navigation through the browser, to the page with the link in order to access the file, you can test the download using a Single URL Endpoint monitor, either a Website or Secured Website test depending on the type of request being made. This will not capture how long it takes to download the file, but will verify the file is accessible.


FTP Monitoring


     It is possible to test FTP servers for uploading and downloading accessibility. The test will not verify the download or upload of a specific file, but will verify that the server is accessible. The test also verifies the use of the File Transfer protocol using a small test file that is uploaded and deleted form the FTP server. 

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