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Shellshock Bug - No Concern for AlertSite users


Shellshock Bug - No Concern for AlertSite users

As many of you have heard, information surfaced this week about a vulnerability called the Shellshock Bash bug.This vulnerability allows access via the bash shell, which is the most commonly used command line shell in Unix/Linux systems, and makes this vulnerability a serious concern for digital companies, web hosts, and internet connected devices. 

Good news! while AlertSite's infrastructure does use Linux, our services do not use bash as an execution engine, nor do we allow any remote login or shell access to our systems. As a result, AlertSite is not currently exposed to this security issue. 

When appropriate patches are made available to the Linux versions we use, AlertSite will be quickly updated to ensure the highest level of platform security. 

As always, our customers are our top prioriity. If you have additional concerns, please feel free to contact us here in this forum, or reach us via Customer Care or Twitter. 



Denis Goodwin

Director of Product Management

AlertSite UXM
Jen Falasca
Community Manager & Customer Advocate
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