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Set Primary Location via API

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Set Primary Location via API

I am trying to add a list of monitors using the API, I have all the necessary JSON field names, but I am getting an error that the "Primary location X is not in the listed locations home_location".  I have set home_location to the id of our private node servers using both the text and number. Also The error "Primary location X, the X is not the correct number of the location when getting the location via API, I didn't know if the X is an error.  Just a note I did try the location that was shown in the error, but still get the error. I can click in the GUI on the private node and set the primary location ok, just not via the API. 

I just need to know if this can be done via API, what is the correct JSON field name and what location number I should use or is the only choice that will I have to click through my list of sites after the monitors are created. 


Also I could be overlooking this, but what is the JSON field name used to set up alert recipient groups? If this can't be done via API is there a way to set it for a group of monitors all at once?


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Re: Set Primary Location via API

In AlertSite UXM, go to Alerts > Alert Recipients (or Notifiers > Notifiers in AlertSite 1.0) and create a recipient of the POST JSON request to webserver type.

Specify the target URL in the Recipient field. This URL must be available on the public Internet. Make sure to include HTTP:// or HTTPS:// at the beginning of the mybkexperience URL. If the target URL is protected with Basic authentication, specify the User and the Password.

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