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Looking to filter traffic from in Adobe Analytics

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Looking to filter traffic from in Adobe Analytics

Is there a unique identifier in the user agent string used by this monitor?  Adobe Analytics does not allow for bot filtering by Domain.

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I do not have any Help information related to this specific Analytics provider, but have instructions below on how this can be done at Google Analytics. The process should be similar with your analytics provider. Essentially you create a Filter for 'AlertSite' and for 'DejaClick' to filter out the tests that originate from an AlertSite remote location, these strings appear in the user-agent string sent with the request. Hope this helps: 

1. After logging into your Google Analytics account, click the 'Admin' tab at the top 
2. Next, click 'All Filters' on the left side of the page 
3. Click the 'New Filter' button 
4. Name the filter 'AlertSite' and click the 'Custom filter' radio button 
5. Next select the 'Exclude' option under the 'Filter Type' section 
6. From the 'Filter Field' dropdown select "Browser Version" 
7. In the Filter Pattern box enter 'AlertSite' 
8. At the bottom of the page apply the filter to the websites desired 
9. Click Save to finish 

-- Repeat steps 3 through 9 again using the Name and Filter Pattern 'DejaClick' this time 

With these two filters in place all AlertSite tests should be excluded from Google Analytics 

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I have setup the filters as you have described.  The result is a reduction in visits from by 50%.  Is there an additional value in the user agent string that could be unique to your traffic?

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