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Is Alertsite affected by the Log4J vulnerability?


Is Alertsite affected by the Log4J vulnerability?

I would like to know if Alertsite application is affected by the Log4J vulnerability issue and if it is has a patch has been release ?


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Hi @SPATIALinfo_Pty_1 ,


The Apache Log4j2 Remote Code Execution (RCE) Vulnerabilities - CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046 have been mitigated or remediated on SmartBear-managed cloud products. If you are on an on-premise version or a customized version, please reach out to our support team at for further information.


Apache recently announced that the fix to address CVE-2021-44228 (upgrading Log4j to at least version 2.15.0) is not complete if non-default or custom configurations are used. SmartBear products remain unaffected with this new information. SmartBear does not use the non-default configurations and the residual risk is low in using the 2.15.0 version of Log4j.


Many SmartBear products are already using Log4j 2.16.0. Out of an abundance of caution, SmartBear products not already using 2.16 will update to this version during the next available release.

Sonya Mihaljova
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Has Alert site taken the proper steps to update to 2.17?


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Public locations have been patched. Private locations are only impacted in very rare circumstances; when endpoints being tested are vulnerable and other internal insecure assets are in play. A release to mitigate the rare circumstances is being developed now. Feel free to contact Customer Care directly if you are still concerned

A new release for Private Locations is being reviewed now by Quality Assurance. The new release will mitigates all potential vulnerabilities regarding log4j. All private instances where this is a concern will be able to upgrade to this version once released. It will be released very soon

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