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Combine / String Together Multiple Separate DejaClick Scripts

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Combine / String Together Multiple Separate DejaClick Scripts

Hi. I'm trying to find out if there is a way to combine separate individual scripts without recording.  I've tried editing the XML code but that just seems to break the scripts.


Here is my situation: my company uses a vendor to provide reporting for our various clients. After logging into our account on the vendor's site, each client is listed as a separate URL.  On each client's page, there are approximately 25 reports that you have to click on individually in order to run.  Each client has the same format and reports.  There are approximately 200 clients that we need to run reporting for, which is done each month.  Currently, I have a script that clicks through all reports - I don't have it load a specific URL as the first step, as scripts are usually recorded to do - that way I click on a certain client and then play the script which clicks through each report link.  I then click on the next client manually and play the script again to click through all those reports.  It works well since all clients are set up with the same reports and formats.  What I would like to do is take it a step further - I would like it to click on each client page, then run the current script, and then do the same for each client.  In other words, if my script to click through reports was called "Click_Reports", here is the script I want to create:


Click Client A

Run Click_Reports

Click Client B

Run Click_Reports

Click Client C

...and so on...for all 200...


I know I could record all 200 in the order I want, but I was hoping there is a way to "insert" the Click_Reports script into another script several times so I can combine multiple smaller, redundant scripts into one that accomplishes the task of clicking all reports for all clients.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Hi Phil,


We don't currently support this functionality, but are evaluating some batch monitor concept that would accomplish what you are looking for.  No immediate release date on this, but I'll post back when things firm up.


Thanks for the feedback!


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