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AlertSite UXM Deployment Notice - 10/26/2018


AlertSite UXM Deployment Notice - 10/26/2018


Some updates to UXM have been deployed.


Changes include:


  • A new authentication option has been added to native AlertSite API monitoring. Monitors can now be created that use an *OAUTH Bearer Token* for authentication.

  • Adding variables in native AlertSite API monitors is easier now with improved variable insert controls.

  • We've removed the 'power button' controls on monitor configuration screens that turned monitoring and alerting on/off. The monitor on/off has been replaced with a simple *Enable Monitoring* checkbox on the Main configuration tab. The Alerts tab is essentially unchanged since the Enable alerting checkboxes were already part of the configuration interface.

  • The configuration tab names for native AlertSite API monitors have been modified and now read as: Endpoint | Main | Advanced | Blackouts | Alerts
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