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API to integrate Service Now with Alertsite

API to integrate Service Now with Alertsite

I understand that currently there is no API available to integrate Alertsite with Service now.. 


The REST APIs are more of a pull mechanism; 


Please check if there is any POST API solution available to integrate Alertsite with Service now, there by enabling real time transfer of data. It would be great to have that option as that would also help in building an integration with a service management tool which is widely used..


Looking forward to inputs and suggestions.




Stay tuned for more news on this topic!


In the meantime, we have customers using ServiceNow's email integration with our email alerts.

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Thanks Denis for the suggestion on the email option..


Infact we already started using that and is working fine, however there is always a possibility/risk in terms of delay in sending or receiving emails; And when we monitor URLs of critical applications, we wanted to eliminate that risk and hence would like to go with an API integration..





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ServiceNow alert integration is available now:

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Status changed to: Implemented
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