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xe8 integration

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xe8 integration



I am trying to profile the loading time of an XE8 Delphi VCL win32 application. I installed the trial version of the AQTime 8.40. I checked the integration with the XE8 IDE option during running the AQtime setup.


Now, when I am in the IDE and I try the AQtime -> Run With Profiling option I get a message dialog saying "AQtime Trial does not allow saving results" and it wants me to "order AQtime now". The dialog has only one button "Abort" + the window cancel button which I assume is the same as the "Abort" button because, after I click it, nothing happens.


First question, can one actually profile a Delphi VCL win32 app within XE8 with AQtime?


Now, I ran the AQtime standalone app. But when I profile the XE8 delphi app it doesn't show any information in the report section, after I stop the app.


The problem that I have - and it is specific to my computer - is that it takes a very long time to load the app. From what I've seen it spends a lot of time creating the auto-created forms and I am trying to figure out what's taking so long.


Any advice?



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ok, after I enabled the proper debug information for the delphi project as per the instructions in the documentation I see now a lot more stuff in the results. I guess this question is answered, but I am curious about the other one.

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After the debug session, I can see that 78% of time is spent under the "initialization" routine. Would the full version show me exactly the calls made under initialization?





What profiler do you use? What area is set in the Areas panel - Routine or Line level?

I would recommend to read the help about profiling areas.

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