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"Attach to process" with Delphi (2010) integration - is this possible?

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"Attach to process" with Delphi (2010) integration - is this possible?


I just installed the new AQTime 6.50 with Delphi 2010 integration and am testing it. Is there a way to attach the profiler to an already running process using the integration?

Previously as I've used the tool as stand-alone (not integrated to Delphi IDE), I've been able to use the Attach to Process functionality, but from the Delphi IDE integration I only see the menu item "Run with profiling" that seems to run from start, but not allowing to attach to an already running process.

I need the attachment functionality since often even with areas and triggers set so that profiling is not enabled, the profiler slows the execution so, that when I want to profile something late in the use flow, it's much better to just run the process normally and then attach the profiler just before I get to the part that I actually want to profile.



Hi Antti,

By default, the 'Attach to Process...' action is hidden when AQtime is integrated into RAD Studio. To make it visible, open the Customize dialog (right-click the toolbar and select 'Customize...'), activate the 'Run.AQtime' action group on the 'Commands' page and drag the 'Attach to Process...' action to the needed menu or toolbar.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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