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No source access with allocation profiler

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No source access with allocation profiler

Hey guys,


I am experiencing problems accessing the source files in the editor's tab if I use the allocation profiler. Search paths are set up correctly since I can perfectly view the source (and the line per line analysis) if I use the performance profiler. As soon as I switch over to the allocation profiler no source is available. Of course the executable remains untouched, so it is the same for the two profiler runs.



It's a Win32 Delphi Application. The configuration was done according to

I followed these two tutorials for the allocation profiling: and

I tried the troubleshooter but could not find a solution concerning my problem.


It works perfectly with performance but not allocation profiler. Is there any kind of difference between them (concerning source code)?


Thanks in advance,


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I have the same issue with the memory allocation profiler.

AQtime is not able to display source code....





I believe that this is sorted out as per the thread.

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