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My Delphi 7 application hangs during the run-time

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My Delphi 7 application hangs during the run-time

Hi all,

I own a copy of AQTime (version for years but I haven't had a chance to use it until now.  I was hoping the software can tell me where and what caused the crash.  What happened was that when I opened/closed about 4, 5 times a form within the application (backend = SQL Server 2005 Express), the application would crash.  Right before it crashed, in the Event View tab, it was accessing MIDAS.DLL and before that was SQLOLEDB.RLL.  I downloaded the newest MIDAS.DLL and MDAC + I simplified the queries in the form + I even removed dbExpress components, I only used ADO DB components.  But it still crashed after 4 to 5 opened/closed.

I wonder if there is a way to check to see what cause this crash... memory leak possible???

Thank you for your help.

Hello Khoa,

AQtime will only help you get the fatal exception call stack. You will need to analyze the call stack and make other investigations yourself.


Customer Care Manager
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