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Identifying code coverage for DLL with AQTime

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Identifying code coverage for DLL with AQTime

I am trying to get code coverage of my GUI automated tests. In my application there are two main .exe. One exe is GUI exe and other is the businees logic exe. Getting the coverage for GUI exe was straight forward as i add the module (GUI.exe) in the tool and run the tests and i get coverage for all the functions in GUI csharp files. But when i try to measure the coverage for business logic and add that exe in the module and run the tests i am unable to get it as the businees logic exe is calling all the csharp files in the businees logic code through dependency injection. So then i am trying to add the DLL's linked to the business logic exe and trying to get the coverage result but unable to do it.Here is what i am doing:

1.Start my businees logic and GUI exe's.

2.Open AQtime, add one DLL of business logic to one instance AQtime.

3.Select RUn>attach to process and in that select the business logic exe and then select OK.

4.RUn my tests and hit the get results under run in AQtime.

I am able to see the functions in the sharp files showing up in the report but 0% coverage for everything. I did with other Dll's linked to the business logic but i am not getting it for anything.

Could you please help me:

1.Do i need to add one dll with one instance of AQtime. Or should i add all DLL's used with the business logic exe in one AQtime instance and measure it?

2.Is there a different way to measure coverage of the DLL's associated witht the exe called through the dependency injection?


Please help@links to members.Thank you.

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I would recommend to read the help topic.

Does it help?


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