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External Exception EEFFACE

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External Exception EEFFACE

I finally decided to buy AQTime for profiling as it's latest version now integrates into the Delphi 2009 IDE. (I still have to figure out how to work with it within the Delphi IDE, but that's another problem.)

I'm running EurekaLog for my exception handling and leave it on (Memory-Leaks Detection is off) while debugging. AQTime is integrated in the IDE but I'm not using it. I'm just using the Delphi debugger.

What has been happening from time to time while debugging is I'm getting an External Exception EEFFACE error that EurekaLog reports.

I just wanted to check with you if you might know if AQTime, an AQTime/EurekaLog interaction or anything else might be causing this.

I've got a full description of the problem up at StackOverFlow:

I'd very much appreciate any help or hints you can provide.


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As it turns out, this appears to be a bug in Delphi and not in AQtime.

I have now reported this at Quality Central:
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