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Debugging application under AQtime

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Debugging application under AQtime

Folks: My application behaves differently under AQtime versus Visual studio, both debugging and release. In fact, it hangs, which has made it hard to figure out what's happening / where it's hanging (well, I think it's spinning its wheels somewhere). I would echo the request for AQtime to be able to "detach" from the process and allow a debugger to connect, but barring this, is there any way to figure out easily what my program is up to? If there was some basic way to get debugging information from AQtime, that would help as well, like being able to pause the program and see where all the threads were. It's a fairly sophisticated legacy code, which uses threads, and I suspect the difference in behavior might be related to thread behavior (like, when threads exit / are killed, etc.).
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You may try AQTime's Troubleshooter ( and to create application's dump as per

If this does not help, contact Support via the form.

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