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Compiled with debug info but AQtime says "No Debug Info"

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Compiled with debug info but AQtime says "No Debug Info"

I am using Delphi XE3 on Windows 7, producing a 32-bit native-code project.

I have decided to try the version of AQtime that was installed with Delphi to identify a performance issue with my project. It is a large project which uses lots of 3rd party components (mostly DevExpress).

I have set all the compiler and linker options to include debug info exactly as per the AQtime user guide. I have also set the Symbols path to my project's Win32\Debug folder. I am not linking with runtime packages. I normally use madExcept for exception handling but I have disabled it for profiling. The debug executable is 34MB.

But, when I include my EXE file in the AQtime project, it gives the "No debug info" error.

If I try with a small test project which just uses standard Delphi components (just a form and a button) then AQtime works as expected.

Is there some limitation in the standard version that I am unaware of?

Steve Bailey: Windows 7 Professional, Delphi XE3 Professional, AQtime Standard for Delphi XE3
SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Steve,


AQtime shipped along with RAD Studio is supported by Embarcadero. You'd better contact them regarding this question.


BTW, don't you want to try AQtime Pro? This product edition is more powerful. Refer to this article for details. You can request the trial here.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

I use XE6 and just dowloaded the last trial AQtimeDemo_T762546344990.exe and have the same issue



Assuming that you prepared your tested application according to the requirements provided at, I would recommend to raise a Support ticket via the form in order to speed-up the process.

  /Alex [Community Hero]
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