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COM Interface: How to clear results?

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COM Interface: How to clear results?

Hello everyone,

The last few days I experimented with the COM-functionality of AQTime. It works quite well. I wrote an Delphi-application which does the following things:

  1. Open a AQTime-project

  2. Select the Coverage Profiler

  3. Run every executable within the project (generating a single result-report for every run)

  4. Quit AQTime

At somepoints I could need a little help:

  • Is it possible to merge results through COM?

  • Is it possible to clear existing results through COM?

  • Is it possible to move results to "saved results" through COM?

Thanks for the help.

Best regards


Hello Thomas,

There is no way to merge results or move them to the Saved Results folder via COM. To clear results, you can use the IntegrationManager object's ClearResults method.

Please see the Methods and Properties of the IntegrationManager Object article for more information.

Best regards,

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